Metaphors of Business and Money

Metaphors of Business and Money
Metaphors of Movement Levels 4 & 5

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An exploration through metaphors of good and bad business judgement, planning and business development. This level is ideal for business consultants, managers and individuals seeking their own business development.

This work is not a business manual nor guidebook of a proven 7-step system of whatever that guarantees financial success and freedom. This is not some type of positive thinking, Law of Attraction feel-good nonsense.

****With a large amount of video and audio content, this training program is designed to be viewed on a computer or tablet via an internet connection. If you value your sanity, don’t try to watch all this on your mobile telephone device.**** 

This video-based program develops the idea that began in Level 1 and 2 of Metaphors of Movement training, which was then expanded in Level 3. Metaphors of Business and Money finds an application for this idea in the world of work.

It is advised that if you haven’t taken the Metaphors of Movement Levels 1-3 that you defer purchasing this program until such a time that you have. You can do this by booking on one of the courses here: Metaphors of Movement Training 

Inside this program, you will learn the nuances of different business metaphors and how to apply these to your own thinking and planning.

You will also learn why Pete is swimming to a lighthouse, whilst Mark is dangling by puppet strings, as Adele declares how she really feels about Andrew T. Austin.

If you are a coach, alphabet therapist (IEMT, NLP, EMDR, TFT, EFT, ABC, XYZ) or entrepreneur, this program will open up the world of business metaphors that surround us each and every day. You will also discover why if you want to be truly wise in the world of business and coaching, it is a really good idea to make a study of the Bible.

It’s not necessarily what you think it is.

Who is Andrew T. Austin?

Described by Eric Robbie as an “unbridled auteur”, Andrew T. Austin has been compared to a number of people, most of whom he would prefer not to mention in public.

The developer of Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) and Metaphors of Movement (MoM), Austin’s work is heavily influenced by the work of Gregory Bateson, R.D Laing and Charles Faulkner.

He lives by the sea in Rustington with his wife Laura and the collective menagerie of rescued animals, including a 17-year-old seagull called Stumpy.

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